How To Be Extremely Frugal

You’ve probably already heard all the common suggestions for bring frugal – don’t eat out, pay for memberships yearly unsteady if monthly, etc. So let’s cut right to the chase and get into some out of the box ideas about how to be extremely frugal.

Switch Back To A Flip Phone

Many people spend around $40-$50 per month per cell phone line but if you can get by without data (hey, we’re talking about extremely frugal tips here) you can save a lot of money every month.

You can get a flip phones all over the place from Walmart to the corner grocery store, typically for under $20. And you can get plans for many carriers for around $10/mo.

Eat Raman Noodles For Several Meals Each Week

You can get Raman noodles for under $0.20 per meal. Eating out cheap could set you back more then $7 for a meal, but if you’re already making your own food you may have dropped that down to $3 for a meal. Since Raman costs so little you could save about $3 per meal. Do that four times a week or sixteen times a month and you’ll save around $45 a month!

Just remember, this isn’t really a healthy food choice, we’re just taking frugal here.

Live In A Van Out West

If your job allows you to work remotely (or if you want to quit your job and pick up odd jobs here and there), you could sell your house (or rent it out so you can make some extra money while you travel), buy a van and convert it into a home-on-the-go. Pack your bags and head out West and park at public camp grounds. You’ll get to see the great outdoors, save money on mortgage or rent, and save money for later.

Leave Your Clothes Out To Dry

Instead of using a dryer to dry your clothes after you wash them, put them on a washline for them to dry. Or place them around the house to slowly dry.

These are just a few ways that you can be extremely frugal with your money and resources. Got an idea we didn’t share? Let us know it the comments section below!

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