What Would You Do For A Goodie Bag?


Tired of spending wads of cash to wash that gray right out of your hair, update your highlights, or relax those crazy locks of yours?

Do you want to save 50% off of high-end beauty products from Lancôme, Vichy or Kiehl’s (just to name a few?)  Bigger question: What would you do for a Goodie Bag? Test out some lotion? Drive over to Clark . . .



Listen up Jersey girls (and guys), here’s how you can get free professional services, plenty of swag, and save 50% from L’Oreal.  (Don’t live in NJ? No worries.  Read all the way to the end).

L’Oreal’s Product Evaluation Center, located in Clark, New Jersey offers hair care services at  absolutely no cost (even tipping is prohibited).  Services such as conditioning, relaxing, single process and highlights, are provided by experienced, licensed and professional stylists.

To enroll in the program, call 732 499-2635 for hours of consultation.  All you need to do is attend a brief 20 minute visit at their facility at 75 Terminal Avenue in Clark, where you watch a video about everything you ever wanted to know (but never knew to ask) about being a hair model.

Once accepted into the program, you’ll be scheduled for regular appointments (some are available as early as 7:30 a.m.), and after three visits, you’ll be given a pass to their Company Store (one in Clark, and another in Berkeley Heights), where products are sold at half price of retail!

I’ve been in the program for three years and have always received great hair care and color services without spending a penny, and saved bundles on my favorite beauty supplies.

Bonus Time! It pays to tell all your friends.  Just refer three clients to the program, and L’Oreal will give you a goodie bag filled with full sized products.

But Wait! There’s More!

If you aren’t interested in hair care services, consider enrolling into L’Oreal’s program as a “product panelist” instead.   You’ll score free beauty supplies including goodie bags sure to knock your aloe-infused socks off.

I don’t remember the last time I purchased moisturizer.  I have enough mascara, eye shadow, make up remover and lipstick to last me at least a year.  I got it all by being a beauty products tester.

A day in the life of a beauty products tester can range from a short visit to the Product Evaluation Center to evaluate a new moisturizer’s scent, or try out a new mascara for a week.   In return? Loads of full size products and some studies are even paid!  And, just like the hair care studies, after three visits, you will also get to shop at the  Company Store.

Personally, I do it for the pass, but I come for the goodie bag.  The rewards of being a product tester are most definitely “worth it.”

It’s quite simple.  All you have to do is click.

*If you don’t live in New Jersey, there are studies which include products mailed to your home for testing and evaluation. 


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