Hi, I’m FrugaLinda, Try Me!

At FrugaLinda.com, I’m going to show you how I get just about everything for practically nothing.  I’ll be shopping, sharing, tweeting and blogging about all the great deals I find – whether they are around the block from my small suburban town in New Jersey, across the river in the greatest city in the world or virtually anywhere on the planet.

I’ll show you how to get luxury goods and services at bargain basement prices; provide you with up-to-date information about sales you can’t afford to miss; how to lower nearly all of your monthly bills, and point you in the right direction if you like to plan your own (frugal but fabulous) vacation getaways . . . and other stuff too.

Sure there’ll be a catch (there’s always a catch); you might have to exert a little effort, or step out of your comfort zone once in a while. But I promise the money you can save just by doing the same things I do will be worth a visit to my little corner of blogosphere.

I enjoy learning something new every day (wow, does that sound corny) and am happy to share your frugal advice too; so if you have a tip for me, please send it along. I’ll be glad to give you and/or your website a mention.

Thanks for visiting, and I welcome your comments.

Linda Beaudry Condrillo

The personal stuff (it’s really so boring why talk about it), but if you want to know a little bit more about me

























About FrugaLinda . . .

I’m married with children and live in Mountainside, NJ. We have the world’s best dog.

I’m a freelance writer and amateur photographer. I make and sell original photo note cards on Etsy. (I’m my own best customer).

Sometimes, I just get lucky with a camera, and sometimes I get the urge to splurge (and actually end up with pretty good shots taken with my iPhone).

I’m also known as LindaWriteNow on Twitter. (I guess I have a slight case of multiple screen name personality syndrome).

I openly admit to being a middle aged groupie. I’ve been obsessed with Josh Ritter since 2006.

I enjoy gossiping walking with friends, lap lane swimming, making scrapbooks, girlfriend getaways, and spying on watching my grown children cheer for the NY Rangers.

I have a low tolerance for competitive braggers and loud talkers on cell phones.

Other weaknesses include the tendency to use parentheses (a lot), braking for garage sales, and driving long distances for ice cream sundaes.

Favorite mental exercises: practicing French with fellow Francophiles, communicating telepathically, renaming books or movies, and dreaming up campy slogans for fictitious companies. (Clearly I watch too much Madmen.  And no, I don’t see dead people).

I have major crushes on: (Besides Josh Ritter) two vampires and a werewolf from Louisiana and a killer dad from Florida. (I also have a strong like for a mobster from Atlantic City and an obnoxious comedian formerly from Brooklyn).

Guiltiest pleasure: Watching Hard Core Pawn with (or without) my long-suffering husband.

Favorite website: HeadButler (Because life is too short not to have your own cultural concierge).

Hidden talent: I can cure the hiccups (99.9% of the time).

I have a soft spot for: Underdogs (I guess that means I even like love me).